Definitions for "Chiaroscuro"
The arrangement of light and dark parts in a work of art, such as a drawing or painting, whether in monochrome or in color.
The art or practice of so arranging the light and dark parts as to produce a harmonious effect. Cf. Clair-obscur.
The value scheme or relationship of dark and light.
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Chiaroscuro: The Private Lives of Leonardo da Vinci is a Vertigo comic book series published from 1995 to 1996, which was later repackaged in 2005 as a graphic novel. The series was written by Pat Mc Greal & David Rawson and illustrated by Chaz Truog & Rafael Kayanan. The original series covers were done by Stephen John Philips and Richard Bruning.
'Chiaroscuro is the second book in Michael Reaves' series Coruscant Nights''.
Chiaroscuro is a new horror series in the weekly comic 2000 AD. It is written by Simon Spurrier. The artist is Smudge.
Chiaroscuro is the second album by Creepmime. It was released in Mascot Records in 1995.