Definitions for "Starting Price"
This is often abbreviated to SP. These are the returned prices of the horses which form the basis of the pay out to winning punters if they haven't taken a specified price themselves. Steamer: A horse whose odds are continually shortened in the face of heavy support.
Starting price - the price on a horse at the start of the race, when the book closes.
The "Starting Price" is the amount the seller sets as the minimum amount allowed to bid on the listing. A seller may set a reserve price when a starting price is desired to display as the amount lower than what will be accepted as a winning bid. This is done to initiate bidding since bidders do not know the amount to what the reserve price has set. "Reserve Price" is the lowest price at which a seller is willing to sell an item, even though the starting price may be much lower. If the bidding does not meet or exceed this price, the item will not be sold. The reserve price is never disclosed to bidders.