Definitions for "STT"
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Silicon Track Trigger. The level two trigger element which uses SMT and CTT data to increase the precision of the track reconstruction.
Single Table Tournament. A poker table at which you may buy-in to a seat. All buy-in money goes to the prize pool. The prize pool is returned to the top finishers per the payout table on the tournaments page. A fee is normally required to play at this table. Players are staked to equal numbers of chips and play until one player has won all the chips. Single table tournaments begin as soon as the table has filled.
Abbreviation for single table tournament; generally consists of ten players where the top-three finishers are paid.
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Screening Test Technician. A person who instructs and assists employees in the alcohol testing process and operates an ASD.
Schirmer tear test
Secure Transaction Technology (cf. Microsoft)
Securities Transaction Tax
Secure Transaction Technology. The STT specification is a software technology designed to provide a secure method for handling credit card transactions across electronic networks.
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Seamanship Training Team
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Short Term Top DefeatedBungle