Definitions for "securities"
Securities are defined as any investment instrument by a common enterprise for profit, with management performed by another party.
General name for all stocks and shares of all types. In common usage, stocks are fixed interest securities and shares are the rest, although strictly speaking the distinction is that stock is denominated in money terms.
Stocks, which show a share of ownership in a business, or bonds, which show the amount of debt owed by a business or government to the holder or owner of the bond.
Securities such as pledged bank accounts or guarantees to be posted at EEX to ensure the fulfilment of the financial obligations of the trading participants.
the word securities has come to mean any interest-bearing piece of paper traded in financial markets. Securities in the sense of "marketable securities" may be unsecured (that is, simply debt obligations) and so a holder may not have security in the generally accepted sense.
Evidence of Deposit or other property which a borrower pledges to secure repayment of a loan. Also refers to securities pledged by a bank to security deposits of public monies.
In CMBS, the generic term applied to Certificates of Ownership of the funds or assets of a trust fund. These undivided interests are issued by the Trustee in amounts of $100,000 until less than $100,000 remains, then in amounts of $1,000. The Certificates are usually issued in lettered classes starting with Class A. There can be many classes if there are many different rated tranches in a CMBS. Each class is risk-rated by a rating agency such as Standard & Poor's. If the higher risk first-loss class is included in the security and sold instead of being held by the seller, the class is rated as "NR" (not rated). The "not rated" risk-rating is used for securities not qualifying for the minimum risk rate of B-.
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Plural of security
Any interest or right to participate in capital, assets, earnings, royalties or other property of any person.
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