Definitions for "Warrants"
Type of security usually issued together with a loan, a bond or preferred stock. Warrants are also known as stock-purchase warrants or subscription warrants, and allow an investor to buy ordinary shares at a pre-determined price.
A certificate granting the holder the right to purchase shares of stock at a stipulated price within a specified time span, or sometimes, indefinitely. Warrants can be attached to other securities as an added purchase incentive and may be traded separately after issue. They are similar to call options.
A warrant is a financial instrument issued by an ASX approved financial institution, which is quoted on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX)'s equity market SEATS. Warrants may be issued over securities such as shares in a company, a currency, an index or a commodity or a Listed Managed Investment.
The minimum criteria necessary to "warrant" a roadway solution, such as installation of a stop sign or traffic calming device. Typically required are objective measures such as speed surveys, traffic volume studies and accident experience.
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