Definitions for "Pathological "
Of or pertaining to pathology.
caused by or due to disease; abnormal; morbid; as, pathological tissue; a pathological condition.
of or relating to the practice of pathology; "pathological laboratory"
Pathological is an enriched clone of the game "Logical" by Rainbow Arts. To solve a level, you fill each wheel with four marbles of matching colors. Various board elements such as teleporters, switches, filters, etc., make the game interesting and challenging. New levels can be created using your favorite text editor.
Pathological is an engaging puzzle game in the spirit of "Logical" by Rainbow Arts. To clear a level, match the rolling marbles by collecting them into wheels. A wide variety of board elements makes the game fun and challenging.
In mathematics, a pathological example is one whose properties are (or are considered) atypically bad. A classical example is the Weierstrass function which is continuous everywhere but differentiable nowhere. Obviously, the sum of a differentiable function and the Weierstrass function is again continuous but nowhere differentiable; so there are at least as many such functions as differentiable functions.
caused by or evidencing a mentally disturbed condition; "a pathological liar"; "a pathological urge to succeed"
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See: Therapeutic.
destructive process on living tissue
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a reasonable way to go