Definitions for "Diff"
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To compare two files and print the lines in which the files differ. This command only works with text files. Compares two files and reports the differing lines. The results are clear - The line numbers of the differing lines are noted, while the offending line from file1 is marked with and the offending line from file2 are marked with Three hypens --- separate the contents of the two files. This command does not process large files very well so use bdiff for large text files instead. bdiff works the same way as diff. Working example: diff my.file
diff display line-by-line differences between pairs of text files
a file containing only changes to a larger posting
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Short for Difference. Used on Recent Changes and page histories to show the difference between two versions of an article.
Short version of Euro rate differential, which is a Chicago Mercantile Exchange Futures contract that is founded on the interest rate spread between the U.S. dollar and the British pound, the German mark, or the Japanese yen.
Dubai International Film Festival
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(stands for Differential. Each axle has its own differential which transmits the drive created by the engine and gear box to the road wheels. This means when the truck corners, each axle can move at it's own speed)
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differential blood count.
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Slang for differential.
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Source Code Control
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a small value
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see Differential