Definitions for "BMP "
BMP is a media player which provides a very easy-to-use interface and usage semantics for all tasks, while having extensive standards and services support under the hood , yet keeping the details out of the way of the user.
Bitmap file format. Native bitmap file format of the Microsoft Windows environment.
A Microsoft Windows image format, it stands for bitmap. The images you see when Windows starts up and closes, and the wallpaper that adorns your desktop, are all in BMP format.
best management practices. Compare? Procedures or controls other than effluent limitations to prevent or reduce pollution of surface water (includes runoff control, spill prevention, and operating procedures).
Best Management Practice. An engineered structure or management activity, or combination of these, that eliminates or reduces and adverse environmental effects.
best management practices. structural, nonstructural, and managerial techniques recognized to be the most effective and practical means to reduce surface water and ground water contamination while still allowing the productive use of resources. List of Glossary Terms
Basic Metabolic Panel. A blood test which measures the levels of sodium, potassium, chloride, bicarbonate, urea nitrogen, creatinine, and glucose in the blood. Less commonly referred to as a "chem 7."
Bit map image / Basic Multilingual Plane, more information ...
(Basic Multilingual Plane) The first 65536 code points of Unicode. These contain most of the ordinary characters in the world.
As in BMP-1. B oyevaya ashina yekhota. "Infantry combat vehicle." (Russian.)
a type of non US fighting vehicle built by the former Soviet Union
Soviet fighting vehicle
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Bangalore Mahanagara Palike
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The Besi Merah Putih is a militia operating in Liquica; the name means "iron rod for the red-and-white" (referring to the Indonesian flag).
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IMS Batch Message Processing.
Batch Message Processing program. A batch processing program in IMS 1 that has access to message queues and on-line databases.
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est anagement ractice[ J K U V X Y Z
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Basewide Monitoring Program
Habitat Diversification Residuals