Definitions for "VRM"
Variable Range Marker
Variable Rate Mortgage. a document signed by the borrower's financial institution verifying the status and balance of his /or her financial accounts.
Variable Rate Mortgage. A mortgage in which the interest rate is adjusted periodically based on an index. Also known as the renegotiable rate mortgage,... read full article
Voltage Regulator Module: used to absorb the voltage difference between a CPU which may be added in the future and the motherboard.
( oltage egulator odule) regulates the voltage fed to the microprocessor.
A voltage regulator module (VRM) is an installable module that senses a computer microprocessor voltage requirements and ensures that the correct voltage is maintained.
Vehicle registration mark. When a vehicle is first registered the DVLA allocate a vehicle registration mark, which must be displayed. This VRM remains with a vehicle until it is destroyed, exported or transferred to another vehicle through a plate change.
Vehicle relationship management. Taken from customer relationship management (CRM), this is the ability to manage vehicles through all stages of their life cycles, including vehicle market planning, vehicle sales and distribution management, vehicle financials, and after-sales management.
Vehicle Registration Mark, or number plate.
VRM stands for Virtualis Reseller Manager. This is what you become once one or more people sign up as VRs under you. You can send people to sign up as VRs under you.
visual resource management. the inventory and planning actions taken to identify visual values and to establish objectives for managing those values; and the management actions taken to achieve the visual management objectives.
Voter Relationship Management. The process of collecting information about a chosen audience in order to customize a message to reach that audience and attain a particular goal, has moved from paper to digital form because of advances in mobile technology.
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Vehicular Radio Modem.