Definitions for "Quality management system"
A formalized system that documents the structure, responsibilities and procedures required to achieve effective quality management.
a comprehensive set of documented policies, procedures and processes that comprise management's commitment to product and service quality in all their activities
a mechanism to ensure that procedures are being carried out in line with agreed standards with full participation by all staff members
The combination of an organisation's quality philosophy, quality assurance and quality control measures.
a system of clearly defined organisational structures, processes, responsibilities and resources used to assure quality. Back to A-Z menu
a system of clearly defined organizational structures, processes, responsibilities and resources used to assure minimum standards of quality and can be used to evaluate an organizations overall quality management efforts
a prerequisite for any company seeking to systematically hone their efficiency and remain on the cutting edge of industry and commerce
All planned or systematic actions necessary to provide adequate confidence that a product or service will satisfy given requirements for quality.
a common sense, well documented system that ensures consistency and improvement of working practices, including the products and services produced
a suitable method for increasing efficiency and improving the standards of the law firm on a more general level", confirms Prangli
This is a documented and maintained quality system for improvement. This includes the organizations policies, requirements and process documents that reflect the best practices of the organization conforms to specified requirements of international standard.
A set of interrelated elements (e.g., policies and objectives) that direct and control the way a facility operates with regard to quality.
The management system to direct and control an organization with regard to quality.
a jointly agreed frame of reference for the activities of an organisation
a web of interconnected processes
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a means of implementing such controls
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