Definitions for "Continual improvement"
Keywords:  ems, processess, wepp, sfm, enshrined
Process of enhancing the Environmental Management System (EMS) to achieve improvements in overall performance, in line with the organization's environmental policy.
Refers to the philosophy whereby every system or process within the organization is subject to continual scrutiny and improvement. Continual improvement is the antithesis of the philosophy which says, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." Continual improvement requires that "If it ain't broke, it can be made better."
involves the identifying areas for improvement, developing and implementing plans for improvement evaluating the results and using the findings to develop further improvements (Environmental Management NOS).
The recurring activity to increase the ability to fulfill requirements.
One of the quality management principles defined in the draft of ISO 9000:2000. Expected to be approved in 2001.