Definitions for "RRM"
Renegotiable rate mortgage. A loan in which the interest rate is adjusted periodically. See also Adjustable-Rate Mortgage.
Re-negotiable Rate Mortgage. The forerunner of today’s ARM; RRM’s got a black eye in the late 1970’s in that lenders required the borrower to re-negotiate and re-qualify at specified intervals during the loan.
Renegotiated Rate Mortgage. This fixed rate mortgage expires at pre-established times, which allows for renegotiation of the terms of the mortgage. Also referred to as a rollover mortgage, this mortgage comes due in a balloon payment, which may be paid or refinanced at current rates.
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adio esource anagement. The part of the CDPD protocol responsible for maintaining communication while the M-ES moves between the cells and between the serving areas of different MD-ISs.
Resources Requirement Methodology
radio resource management
Resource Requirements Methodology