Definitions for "Billing"
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A function whereby CDR (Call Detail Recording) generated by the charging function are transformed into bills requiring payment.
A carrier terminal activity involving the determination of the proper rate and total charges for a shipment and the issuance of a freight bill.
Total amount charged to clients, including the ageny commission, media costs, production costs, etc.
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request for payment of a debt; "they submitted their charges at the end of each month"
a Freely Distributable Shareware Invoice Program
an invoice program with powerful sort, filter, and search features
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Caressing; kissing.
The size and placement of names both in the opening credits on screen and in any printed advertising materials.
The order of the names in the title of opening credits of a film or TV show.
Size and placement of the order of names in the movie's title in printed publicity material or opening credits.
A bill for the purchase of an insurance policy. Usually the premium due.
Process of notifying borrowers of amounts due by the sending of advance, due, or past-due notices. Close
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a standardized method of
A system of using accounting information to generate a bill for services.
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