Definitions for "flat rate"
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A rate, which reoccurs always at the same price
(1) Fee for a product or service that is not dependent on usage. (2) Telephone tariff in which no charges are levied for local calls. (3) A rental charge which covers unlimited or equipment usage.
A method of pricing a service. Flat rate offers a fixed monthly charge to a residential subscriber for unlimited local calls. In some states, a consumer may have a choice between flat rate and measured service.
A uniform charge for advertising space or time, with no discounts for volume or frequency.
A type of service pricing charged per month (or other stated billing period) that does not vary according to usage.
A dealership term referring to the standard fee charged by a technician for a particular repair or diagnostic service versus the actual labor time.
A single, monthly payment for an internet connection.
A single, monthly payment for broadband connection.
Netspace Flat Rate Broadband plans feature a monthly download allowance. Excess downloads beyond this allowance don't incur extra fees, but your download speed is 'shaped' meaning it is slowed to regular dial up speed of around 56k.
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The estimated time required to perform a given service job on a motor vehicle as determined by the vehicle manufacturer, usually given in hours and tenths of an hour. Used for estimating the cost of a job.
a billing modality of telephony services (not only internet), by which the user pays a fixed money quantity for the use of these services during a fixed time period, independently of the time that he has been using them
A type of contract with a telephone company whereby a fixed quantity is paid each month, regardless of how many hours you are connected.
Piecework method of paying for repair operations.
A price per unit which remains constant regardless of the total number of units purchased.
A pricing model whereby an advertiser pays one total price for a campaign that runs within a specified period of time instead of paying for the number of impressions or clicks.
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a fair share
Percentage representation of the amount of annual interest on the total loan amount.
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Premium with a specified dollar amount
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Not time but work units as in bid time