Definitions for "EFFECTIVE RATE"
The yield on a debt as calculated from the purchase price. A more accurate measure of the return on a bond investment than the simple coupon payment. Computed using both the capital gain from price appreciation and the bond's yield.
Effective sale Effective tax rate
MP] The interest rate adjusted for intra-year compounding.
The average sustained speed at which a device operates under real-world conditions, when processing a representative workload.
Calculated by dividing the charge for check acceptance services by the guaranteed dollars.
Metric that measures how many of those who opened an email message clicked on a link, usually measured as unique responders divided by unique opens.
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event risk extension swap
The fraction (as a percentage) that a given quantity changes in a given time period (usually one year). We will generally denote it by effective.
A measure of the time value of money that fully reflects the effects of compounding.
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a great way to compare the total costs of mortgages
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What you pay for something when taxes are taken into account.