Definitions for "base rate"
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The UK base rate is the equivalent to the prime rate in the United States, generally...
The Base Rate is set by the Bank of England for the UK, US Federal Reserve Committee for the USA and European Central Bank for the EU and represents the minimum interest rate that should be charged on any loans. This is a variable rate and is set at regular meetings of the above committees. Financial Institutions calculate most of their variable lending and savings rates from the respective Base Rate and as such fluctuate in line with any changes.
The foundation of every bank's structure of interest rates. Depositors are paid interest rates a few percentage points below the base rate, and borrowers are charged rates above the base rate. Banks alter their base rates when MLR changes.
The nondiscounted "per minute" charge for Measured Service.
A fixed kilowatthour charge for electricity consumed that is independent of other charges and/or adjustments.
The non-discounted “per minute” charge for Measured Service.
In forestry, the absolute minimum price for timber according to Forest Service rules, equal to essential K-V funds (apportioned to each species in the sale) plus $0.50 per thousand board feet.
See representativeness heuristic.
The number of guilty or innocent subjects measured as a percentage of the total sample.
The predicted frequency of an event occurring. go to glossary index
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Basel Accord Basic balance
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