Definitions for "London Interbank Offered Rate"
This is the rate that the most creditworthy international banks dealing in Eurodollars charge each other for large loans. Libor is the eurodollar equivalent of the federal-funds rate.
The measure of what major international banks charge each other for large volume loans of Eurodollars (U.S. dollars on deposit in foreign banks).
The rate the highest quality banks pay for Eurodollar deposits. There is a different LIBOR for each deposit maturity. LIBOR is commonly used as an index that represents short-term rates.
LBO leveraged recapitalization
London International Financial Futures and Options Exchange (LIFFE) London Metal Exchange (LME)
This index reflects European financial markets, obviously, and is generally considered the most volatile of the commonly used indexes. It is published daily in financial journals, such as the Wall Street Journal.