Definitions for "Reissue"
These terms are used interchangeably. They describe the process whereby a film is formerly reintroduced or rereleased to the theatres. Disney reissues their classic animated films every 5 to 7 years.The artwork for a rerelease poster may be the same or different from the original (See reprint below.)
a publication (such as a book) that is reprinted without changes or editing and offered again for sale
print anew; "They never reprinted the famous treatise"
To reopen a closed ticket.
To write a new ticket because there are changes.
A rewriting of an existing ticket due to a change in fare, class of service, or routing.
An application filed by a patentee after a patent has issued to correct applicant's errors that rendered the patent wholly or partly inoperative due to a defective specification or drawings or which claimed more or less than the applicant had a right to claim. The applicant must provisionally surrender the previously issued patent. Any reissue patent that results will have the same expiration date as the original patent.
A reissue is a version of a model that is a newer, placed on the market some time after the original model. Many times manufacturers will reissue a kit if there seems to be enough demand. In many instances kits have been reissued several times, occasionally with variations in the actual tooling, but more commonly, exactly like the original. Reissued kits are almost always less expensive than originals.
Reissues replace an unexpired patent that is defective in one or more areas, (i.e., the reissue will attempt to correct the original patent).
To issue a second time.
A second or repeated issue.
Renewed availability or re-distribution of an older, previously released or otherwise unavailable recorded product.
A subsequent manufacturing run of a vintage sneaker. Compare to New Old Stock.
A spoon made in modern times from old dies.