Definitions for "Spectra"
Allied name for HMPE fiber.
One of a host of new super strong fibers used for slings and thin cord.
A highly modified polyethylene fibre developed by Allied Signals Corporation, now part of Honeywell.
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A Content Management System written in C/C++ with XML, XSLT. Includes tools for Content Acquisition/Aggregation, Cataloging, Publishing and Syndication.
Spectra: A Book of Poetic Experiments was a small volume of poetry published in 1916 by American writers Witter Bynner, who wrote under the pseudonym "Emanuel Morgan", and Arthur Davison Ficke, who wrote as "Anne Knish."
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WACCC's other computer was an RCA (later UNIVAC) Spectra mainframe. This was an IBM System 370 clone that ran an entirely incompatible operating system. Students were only allowed batch access to the machine. All of the administrative data processing for WPI and the other colleges in the area was done on this system. The batch access was somewhat of a deterent to hacking, but we did try to slip an occasional hack into our program decks.
a leading developer and manufacturer of drop-on-demand piezoelectric ink jet printheads and related hardware used in a wide range of industrial applications such as coding, graphic arts, wide format graphics and display manufacturing
a professional development firm specializing in corporate training and business education
a 'transnational research project examining the capacity of spatial planning systems to develop and implement policies for sustainability'
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the plural of spectrum
(aka spectrum) is periodogram.
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A material from which microline is made.
Data that result from spectral scanning; measurements of the variations in spectral response over a range of wavelengths for a single, constant viewing area.
Continuum of color formed when a beam of white light is dispersed (as through a prism) so that the component wavelengths are composed in order.
a new method for determining absolute configuration of small chiral molecules
A plot of the intensity of light at different frequencies.