Definitions for "Overshoot"
To exceed; as, to overshoot the truth.
The extent to which a population exceeds the carrying capacity of its environment.
Transient change in output voltage that exceeds specified accuracy limits. Typically occurs on converter turn on/off or with a step change in output load or input line.
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To shoot over or beyond; to miss; as, to overshoot a mark; to overshoot the green in golf.
To go beyond an intended point or limit; as, to overshoot the runway in landing an airplane; to overshoot the endpoint in a titration.
To pass swiftly over; to fly beyond.
That portion of a line digitized past its intersection with another line.
Situation where a digital line extends past the intended boundary line. This extension past the intended juncture point is called a dangle.
That portion of an arc digitized past its intersection with another arc. See also dangling arc.
In order for the curved shape of the "O" to appear to be the same height as the flat top of the "I" it tends to "overshoot" the cap-height (or x-height, or undershoot the baseline) by about 3% of the cap-height (or x-height). For a triangular shape (such as "A") the overshoot is even greater, perhaps 5%. These guidelines are based on the way the eye works and the optical illusions it generates and are taken from Peter Karow's Digital Formats for Typefaces, p. 26). See also X-height, Cap-height, Ascender, Descender, Baseline
A common false signal heard as the searchcoil passes over a rejected target when using a no-motion All Metal mode in conjunction with automatic retuning. Excessive tuning restoration pushes the audio above threshold level creating a positive response at the edges of target detection periphery.
From a planetary perspective the condition of putting more stress on our ecosystems than they are able to repair or recover from. Resource use is one factor subject to overshoot, although substitutability allows humans to recover from this state. Overshoot can also remain hidden until a resource runs out or an ecosystem suffers sudden decline, at which time the consequences become suddenly obvious.
An aborted landing, either practice or emergency related
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an approach that fails and gives way to another attempt
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aim too high; "The plan overshoots its aim"