Definitions for "TOSS"
Keywords:  tumble, lightly, gently, spoon, throw
To throw with the hand; especially, to throw with the palm of the hand upward, or to throw upward; as, to toss a ball.
To lift or throw up with a sudden or violent motion; as, to toss the head.
To cause to rise and fall; as, a ship tossed on the waves in a storm.
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the act of flipping a coin
The toss of a coin is used to determine whether a particular team will initially bat or bowl to open a match.
the coin toss that occurs at the beginning of a cricket match to determine which side will bat first.
A modern method of delivering a PGM bomb or missile on target without having to overfly the target. The aircraft approaches the target at low level, then pulls up at high speed and releases the weapon in the pull-up, which then flies a ballistic trajectory to the target while the aircraft turns away
move or stir about violently; "The feverish patient thrashed around in his bed"
Keywords:  fleet, ocean
To be tossed, as a fleet on the ocean.
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Two-handed lateral pass of the ball (cf. pitch)"Tossi"
A pitch to the running back by the quarterback. A quick way to get the ball into the running back's hands on running plays.
TIROS Operational Satellite System (-" IEEE Standard Dictionary")
Toolbox for strategy synthesis and visualization in games related to logics and model checking.
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Hence, to try; to harass.
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an abrupt movement; "a toss of his head"
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how it is determined who will serve first and from which court