Definitions for "Sterilize"
To deprive of the power of reproducing; to render incapable of germination or fecundation; to make sterile.
To destroy all spores or germs in (an organic fluid or mixture) or on (a medical instrument), as by heat, so as to prevent contamination by bacteria or other organisms. A common method of sterilization in laboratories and medical facilities is to heat a liquid sample or an instrument in an autoclave.
To destroy all spores or germs on (a surface) by wetting with an antiseptic liquid, such as an alcoholic solution.
To make sterile or unproductive; to impoverish, as land; to exhaust of fertility.
To remove or kill all living organisms. Also, to make barren or unproductive, as a vasectomy in bulls.
To make sterile or unproductive; spay or neuter.
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STERr-ilL-iize) The clean or remove all bacterial and viral presence from something, an oblject, surface, etc. Prevents the transfer of pests and diseases. A clean ship...
make infertile; "in some countries, people with genetically transmissible disbilites are sterilized"
Complete (100 percent or at least greater than 99.9999 percent) destruction or inactivation of all living organisms.
To use offsetting open market operations to prevent an act of exchange market intervention from changing the monetary base. With sterilization, any purchase of foreign exchange is accompanied by an equal-value sale of domestic bonds, and vice versa.
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To free from all forms of life.
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To produce a sterile state.