Definitions for "PDP"
Prescription Drug Plan. A "stand-alone" Medicare drug plan offered through a private insurance company that only offers prescription drug benefits for people with Medicare.
Professional Development Plan - Part of the new PI-34 requirements that replace the old 6 credits or 180 DPI Equivalency Clock Hours every five years for educator license renewal in Wisconsin. PERCENTILE - One of the 99 point scores that divide a ranked distribution into groups, each of which contains 1/100 of the scores. The 73rd percentile denotes the score or point below which 73 percent of the scores fall in a particular distribution of scores.
Prescription Drug Program
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Display technique with plasma for televisions. Resulting in high contrast, and very thin (6cm) televisions.
Principal Display Panel. portion of the package most likely to be seen by customers at the time of purchase. Statement of identity and net quantity are must be displayed here.
plasma display panels
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Pressure dew point temperature (°C). ( 011)
Correct abbreviation for the honor of Past Department President of the ASUVCW, WRC, LGAR or DUVCW.
Abbreviation for Pump Discharge Pressure.
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Partido del Pueblo (People's Party). Far left, orthodox communist, pro-Moscow party. Ran candidates in 1984 elections, but lost legal status by failing to win 3 percent of total vote.
People s Democratic Party
pattern discrimination perimetry. a type of visual field testing in which damage is detected in large optic nerve fibers carrying information on form and motion, thus theoretically revealing glaucomatous nerve damage earlier than conventional perimetry which detects damage primarily in smaller nerve fibers using spots of light; utilizes a checkerboard pattern on a moving background of random “noise” and presented to various points of the retina
Public Disclosure Program A
Public Disclosure Program. See NASD BrokerCheck
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Packer Data Protocol
Packet data protocol. Network protocol, such as IP, used by packet data networks connected to a GPRS network.
parallel distributed processing. Models of cognitive processing in which the relevant symbolic representations do not correspond to any one unit of the network but to the state of the network as a whole.
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Computers manufactured by Digital Equipment Corporation. UNIX was originally written for a PDP-7 and gained popularity on the PDP-11. The entire series were inexpensive mini-computers popular with educational institutions and small businesses.
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Policy Decision Point. A logical entity that makes policy decisions for itself or for other network elements that request such decisions. (Source: IETF RFC 3198)
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Trade Name