Definitions for "Enroll"
To insert in a roil; to register or enter in a list or catalogue or on rolls of court; hence, to record; to insert in records; to leave in writing; as, to enroll men for service; to enroll a decree or a law; also, reflexively, to enlist.
To consent to and enter a clinical trial.
register formally as a participant or member; "The party recruited many new members"
Once a bill has passed both houses, its amendments, corrections, and changes are consolidated into one text to be presented to the governor for signature.
Most commonly, the process of changing a bill passed by both chambers into its final format for transmission to the governor.
Printing of resolution or concurrent resolution on parchment with dates of actions and signatures of leadership. A concurrent resolution is presented to the Secretary of State.
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Election to join a health benefits plan under the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program. Your election must be submitted to your employing office on a Health Benefits Election Form (SF 2809) or other enrollment request.
To become a member of Monarch Health Sciences to that you can purchase the products wholesale, become an independent distributor or both.
Employees enroll in a group health plan by selecting from the health plan options offered by the employer and signing the appropriate forms provided to the employer by the insurance company. Enrolling employees are the number of employees that participate in a group health plan.
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To envelop; to inwrap; to involve.
The Biometric function of collecting biometric samples from an individual and subsequent processing to create a template representing the individual's identity for storage.
In Backup Recovery and Media Services, to identify media to Backup Recovery and Media Services. Media initialized in Backup Recovery and Media Services does not need to be enrolled.