Definitions for "FSP"
Frequent Shopper Program. some retailers use promotional programs for encouraging customer loyalty and frequent revisits, or just to maximize client retention. Typically, a wholesale or some other incentive is used to encourage a consumer to make many repeat visits at a single store or chain.
Food Stamp Program. The nation's primary food assistance program for low income people. The program provides coupons (stamps) or EBT (electronic benefit transfer) cards to eligible households, which can be used to purchase specific food items. Children comprise 50 percent of food stamp recipients; seniors comprise another 15 percent. Administered by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, states manage the distribution and eligibility screening.
Fisheries Sector Program
Full service provider.
Full Service Processing. A relationship with a Bank whereby First Data provides a series of services on an outsourcing basis. First Data is paid fees for the services performed and does not hold the risk for Credit/Fraud losses.
Fixed Service Providers
Results from the breakdown of fibrinogen by plasmin (an enzyme). See Fibrin.
Fibre Saturation Point. The FSP is the moisture content at which cell walls are fully saturated but no water is present in the cell cavities. It is the point at which wood contains the maximum amount of bound water but no free water.
Fiber saturation point. The stage in the drying or wetting of wood where the cell walls are saturated with (bound) water and the cell cavities are free of (liquid) water. Fiber saturation point for most wood species occurs at moisture contents of about 25 to 30%.
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An abbreviation for Factory Specification Parts. Used by Whirlpool to differentiate genuine factory replacement parts from those of after market or universal replacement parts.(Added: 18-Sep-1999 Rating: 10.00 Votes: 1)
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Fleet Service Plan, now called QFC The new name is Quality Fleet Care
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fuel spill
Fractured Symbol Partitioner
facility security profile
Facility Safety Plan. A management-approved safety document that describes the hazards and environmental aspects, and the controls for work activities conducted in a particular facility. The FSP provides basic ES&H rules and defines the responsibilities for safe operations within that facility. Formerly known as a Facility Safety Procedure, the FSP is distributed to all facility residents.
A company that belongs to the broad industry category that includes as banking, brokerage and investment firms.
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Individuals trained to provide first-level support for users of BEN Financials. Users call BEN Helps (x6-HELP or 215.746.4357) to reach their FSP.
(pronounced "F-P-S") Acronym for Frames Per Second.