Definitions for "Gratuity"
Something given freely or without recompense; a free gift; a present.
Something voluntarily given in return for a favor or service, as a recompense or acknowledgment.
Usually taken to mean a cash gift or tip for services rendered. Also a cash sum paid to British service personnel on leaving the service.
Keywords:  dfrdb, adf, defence, retirement, death
a one-off payment made by the Defence Force Retirement and Death Benefits Authority (DFRDB) to ADF members
Amounts paid to offenders for work in Class II, III, and IV Correctional Industries' offender work programs. The offenders are not employees of the Department and the gratuity is not a wage.
Keywords:  customary, guide, let, know, well
a customary way to let your guide know that he has performed well
Keywords:  bonus, sum, members, paid, off
a sum of money paid to some members in the form of a one-off bonus
An item that is $20.00 or less in value and is restricted to persons NOT employed by the United States e.g., foreign business partners.