Definitions for "GMC"
Giant molecular cloud. assive clouds of gas in interstellar space composed primarily of hydrogen molecules (two hydrogen atoms bound together), though also containing other molecules observable by radio telescopes. These clouds can contain enough mass to make several million stars like our Sun and are often the sites of star formation.
Giant Molecular Cloud. Huge, cool clouds of dust grains, and gas, much of which is in the form of molecules. GMC's appear to be where most of the stars are formed in galaxies.
Giant Molecular Cloud. Massive clouds of gas in interstellar space composed primarily of hydrogen molecules. These clouds have enough mass to produce thousands of stars and are frequently the sites of new star formation.
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un otor arriage.
A Java program to generate the character in MUD easily by specify attributes.
goal, motivation, and conflict - the three building blocks of good fiction. Goal - something the character wants; when the character pursues a goal, it creates forward momentum in the story and gives the reader an objective to root for. Motivation - the reason the character wants the goal and cannot quit until she gets it; motivation makes the story believable and helps the reader sympathize with the character. Conflict - something that makes it difficult for the character to reach her goal; it tests the character's determination and makes the story interesting. The term "GMC" was popularized by romance author Debra Dixon's how-to book GMC: Goal, Motivation, and Conflict.
Giuseppe Marra Communications
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guaranteed mortgage certificate. A bond-like instrument issued by Freddie Mac that represents ownership in a large pool of residential mortgages. Principal is returned annually and interest is paid semi-annually.
See: Guaranteed Mortgage Certificate
Guaranteed Mortgage Certificates. First issued by Freddie Mac in 1975, G.M.C.s, like PCs, represent undivided interest in specified conventional whole loans and participations previously purchased by Freddie Mac.
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see old aster andidate.
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Acronym for "General Motors Corporation."
GMC, formerly known as GMC Truck, is a brand name used on trucks, vans, and SUVs marketed in North America and the Middle East by General Motors.
Groundwater Management Committee.
Government National Mortgage Association Ginnie Mae Graduated payment mortgage
General Minerals Corporation
General Medical Council
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ground maintenance company