Definitions for "IDF"
Israel Defense Force. The combined army, navy, and air force of Israel, founded with the state in 1948. Having defended the country in five major wars in 50 years, the IDF has evolved into one of the world's most respected militaries.
(1) Indigenous Defence Fighter (Taiwan) or (2) instantaneous direction finder
the ground and air and naval forces of Israel
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Intermediate Distribution Frame. Network electronics that route network traffic for a group of desktops to a BDF.
Intermediate Distribution Frame. An intermediate cross connect point, usually located in a wiring or utility closet. A trunk cable or LAN backbone is run rom each IDF to the MDF (Main Distribution Frame). Also referred to as SDF (Sub-Distribution Frame).
Intermediate Distribution Frame. A metal rack designed to connect cables and located in an equipment room or closet. Provides the connections between inter-building cabling and the inter-building cabling (i.e. between the Main Distribution Frame and the individual phone wiring). The changes in wiring are done in the IDF. This saves confusion in wiring.
see glossary entry inverse document frequency
Inverse document frequency. A formula used to determine the position of a term in a vector space model. It is based on the premise that people mostly tend to search for information using rather general, frequently occurring terms, which produce search results for large numbers of irrelevant pages. Conversely, more specific, less frequently occurring search terms are likely to produce fewer, but more relevant results.
a weighting formula used in some information retrieval systems whereby the importance of a term is based on the reciprocal of its document frequency in the collection; for example log (N/n) when the term occurs in n documents from a collection of N documents
Inflow Design Flood. The flood used to design and/or modify a specific dam and its appurtenant works; particularly for sizing the spillway and outlet works, and for determining surcharge storage requirements. The IDF is equated to less than the Probable Maximum Flood.
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Ipswich Friends of the Earth
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Intel Developer Forum
Its Developer Forum
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Includes drop folio. When used after the printer surface height, it is used for placing base of drop folio on bottom PS line. Used for layout of chapter openers and other drop folioed pages to give same bottom space to trim. to top
International Dairy Federation
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MIDI Instruments Drivers File