Definitions for "POW"
Octanol water partition coefficient
partition coefficient (n-octanol/water)
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prisioner of war
Prisoners Of War
a person who surrenders to (or is taken by) the enemy in time of war
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risoner ar
Prince of Wales. Prince Charles, the Prince of Wales, AM owner since 1969. He had a V8 Vantage Volante made to his own personal specification in 1986 (no spoilers, air dam, skirts) and was subsequently known as the POW. Now regarded at the ultimate V8.
Pow! (Forward) is a controversial song by UK grime artist Lethal Bizzle in 2004.
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Pacer Over Web
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Pay-off Wizard. A player who calls on the river when they are beaten.
Plan of work. Plan of action that puts the educational programs in operation. Involves setting specific objectives in terms of the behavioral change desired, the selection of teaching methods, the scheduling of activities, and the dividing of responsibilities among Extension professionals for each program area. Developed at all levels (individual, county, and state). Individual and county plans are reviewed annually. State plans are developed and submitted to USDA on a four - year budget cycle. All POWs are based upon program priorities determined from Extension needs assessment throughout the state. Generally includes several elements: a statement of the situation of need; program objectives; identification of target audiences; program delivery methods; and strategies for evaluation.
Hydropower Generation. Includes uses of water for hydropower generation.
A power-up abbreviated that consists of the letters P-O-W. In some shoot-em-ups, all power-ups are "POWs". In other shoot-em-ups, a "Pow" gives you more energy. In others a Pow increases your speed. In games that have more than one type of "Pow", they are identified by the color of the letters, i.e. a red Pow.