Definitions for "Keys"
Notches in a memory module (DRAM DIMM or SIMM) that prevent them from being plugged into an incompatible system. For example, a DIMM keyed for 3.3V operation cannot be plugged into a socket designed for use with a 5V system.
The series of notches and bumps carved in the excess plaster around the cavity of the mold to !nsure a proper fit.
( Real Estate Glossary) - Little fingers of plaster that squeeze through lath. When they harden, these hold the plaster in place.
These items are used for opening locks and lockers aboard your boat, starting the engine and things of that nature. Keys can usually be found in the water beneath your boat. Also a place in Florida.
A handily-grabbable item with 3 strange interpretations of animals. Designed to be both a rattle and a teething ring, this item's most frequent use is to inflict bruises on any nearby skin (including child's own).
Keys are numeric assignments for the various calling features an ISDN adapter supports, like call drop, transfer and hold. Also called buttons, keys get their names from the various feature buttons on an advanced multi-line voice phone. Or a mathematical value input into the selected cryptographic algorithm.
In a modern encryption system, the algorithm is generally assumed to be known, and the key is secret. A key is a string of meaningless bits until it is used to encode or decode a message
The clues that unravel the mysteries of the secrets of the power of Atlantis and ultimately creation.
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Gonville and Caius College
a raw and real look at this critically acclaimed, multiple Grammy award winning, platinum selling international superstar
To dream of keys denotes unexpected change. If the keys are lost, unpleasant adventures will affect you. To find keys means domestic peace and success in business.
A key attribute is the attribute used to find a specific row in a table of attributes when there is more than one instance of a set of attributes in a particular group. For instance, a computer system often has more than one serial port attached to it. To describe these serial ports, the Serial Port Group in the system's MIF file would be set up as a table, with one row in the table describing the specifics of a particular serial port. To access this information, one or more of the attributes (such as the I/O address) would be designated as the key. To find a specific serial port, the management application would ask for the row containing the proper I/O address.
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"C.R.E.A.M." Kilos of crack cocaine
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worn dangling from a belt loop, keys signify (in an appropriate context) that the person is into BDSM. As with the hanky code, someone with "keys left" is a , and "keys right" is a bottom.
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switches that are pressed and released to form chords Kord® Kernel low level interface between Kord® Hardware and software Kord® OS a runtime library which provides Kord® Operational Services
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The most important images in a sequence; the ones done by the head animators. Can refer to the drawing or the cel. Keys can often, but not always, be identified by a circle drawn around the sequence number. A key set-up is a key cel paired with its correct background, and is the Holy Grail of most collectors.
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Keys stand for spiritual knowledge or, if held in the hands of an angel or saint, the means to enter heaven.
Primary, Foreign, Concatenated key
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a prime suspect
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see tabs
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Screws on an ink fountain that control ink flow.
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a must-have for any fan
See engineering tech glossary: alignment mark.
Special keys designed to prevent unauthorized use of home ultraviolet light units.
Timbers placed at right angles to the summers (q.v.) for fixing long boards.
a class live act, as Australians discovered last year
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an acceptable technique