Definitions for "Bullets"
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The holdem starting hand AA. Pocket Aces. Also known as Rockets or American Airlines.
Two aces in your starting hand.
A pair of Aces.
Usually at the end of the first block, weather and sports casters join the anchors on set to tease what's coming up. (Philip Sedlacek)
Bullets is the 2nd single from Creed's third album, Weathered, the band's final new-material album. The album reflects the many changes surrounding the band during the time of writing, as Weathered stands as the first and only Creed album without the bass work of Brian Marshall, former longtime Creed bassist. Mark Tremonti was responsible for the bass work throughout the whole of the album, expanding his role musically.
canvas sneaker sold by Bata in the United States in the days that Baby Boomer Boys were buying their sneakers; apparently still in production overseas. I ( Charlie) remember that Bata Bullets had their devoted fans.
Also called "whistle berries" or "Saturday nights." Baked beans, so called because of the supposed flatulence they cause.
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Bullets are dots, arrows, or other symbols used to identify items in a list.
Varying sized dots or other images used to highlight items on a list.
Bullets are small, graphical buttons which are used to mark individual items in a list on web pages. The idea is that the bullet will draw the browser's attention to the information listed.
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Small lead devices used to resolve disputes with editors.
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Another way of saying “married puts.” These combine deep in-the-money puts with long stock.