Definitions for "Brian "
Brian is a jump-and-run platform game that uses Pygame and was inspired by Commander Keen. It is named after "Monty Python's Life of Brian", of which the game may contain some references.
Brian is an unfinished jump-and-run platform game written with Python and Pygame. Please download through CVS, visit the homepage, subscribe to all mailing lists and notify me if you're interested. Please note that Brian is NOT FINISHED!
Name of a martyr who was born in the stable next door to Jesus's, who accidentally started his own cult, and was eventually crucified. A movie of his life was produced by members of Monty Python's Flying Circus.
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Any son less talented, intelligent, likable or successful than his father. Often used hypothetically, where no son actually exists but the anticipated result is of far less quality than the "father" would produce. "It's painful to watch - like Brian Gilliam on horse tranquilizers."
a super guy, but as his friends pair off and get married, he has stayed single
In Goidelic mythology, and especially in Scotland, Brian was a pompous, bumbling bastard who helped Cailleach rescue Deò-ghrèine. He was a son of Tuireann, and brother to Iuchar and Iucharba (these have many variant spellings).
The name Brian is of Celtic origin and its meaning may be "hill" or "strong, noble, and high", or "slave driver", depending on the dialect of the region in question. There is no strong evidence regarding any potential origin, only conjecture, although the Gaelic word "brígh"/"brìgh" ("context", "elixir", "essence", "interpretation", "meaning", "pith", "significance") offer a possible root. Brian means a matter strength, dignity, and honor.
Angela's neighbor. Loves Angela. Straight-A student. Clueless. Heartless. The most self-centered low-down dog of all time.
a financial consultant at Smith Barney Citigroup
a graduate Chartered Accountant, with fifteen years PQE
an extremely hard worker in every aspect of being an athlete