Definitions for "Combine"
A self-propelled grain harvester. In one operation it combines cutting, threshing, separation and cleaning of grain, as well as dispersing the stems, stalks or other crop residue. The word is also a verb referring to the action of harvesting a field with a combine. In both cases, the accent is on the first syllable, which rhymes with the name “Tom,” so although it looks just like the word that is used in a phrase such as “combine the flour and salt,” it isn’t.
A large self-propelled machine which harvests grain crops. It has various attachments called headers designed for use in harvesting specific crops. Wheat is harvested using the reel-type header; corn is harvested using a corn head; soybeans are harvested using a bean head.
A device that harvests grain.
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To unite or join; to link closely together; to bring into harmonious union; to cause or unite so as to form a homogeneous substance, as by chemical union.
Add together two or more fields that are on the same domain; e.g., latent heat flux plus sensible heat flux on a T42 grid with the same land mask
To mix various ingredients together.
refers to the Scouting Combine held each February in Indianapolis, at which draft prospects are given medical and skill exams.
a special testing/scouting environment in which a players size, strength, speed and agility are properly tested
a consortium of independent organizations formed to limit competition by controlling the production and distribution of a product or service; "they set up the trust in the hope of gaining a monopoly"
a group of firms under single control possessing monopoly power, such as Unilever
To form a union; to agree; to coalesce; to confederate.
The Combine is a fictional powerful alien race and empire from Valve Corporation's 2004 first-person shooter computer game Half-Life 2. During the game, it is also referred to as the Universal Union in a descriptive context, and "our benefactors" in propaganda.
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ASL Browser
Any painted assemblage that is neither simply painting or sculpture, but rather a hybrid painting-sculpture.
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defend infer
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In the game of casino, to play a card which will take two or more cards whose aggregate number of pips equals those of the card played.
an occurrence that results in things being united
have or possess in combination; "she unites charm with a good business sense"
a piece of farm equipment that is used to Replacement Tractor Equipment
To unite by affinity or natural attraction; as, two substances, which will not combine of themselves, may be made to combine by the intervention of a third.
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To bind; to hold by a moral tie.
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verb मिलà¤3/4उनु, मिसà¤3/4उनु general
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gather in a mass, sum, or whole
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a collection (a 'combination') of one or more Projects