Definitions for "Cowpea"
The seed of one or more leguminous plants of the genus Dolichos; also, the plant itself. Many varieties are cultivated in the southern part of the United States.
A leguminous plant (Vigna Sinensis, syn. Vigna Catjang) found throughout the tropics of the Old World. It is extensively cultivated in the Southern United States for fodder, and the seed is used as food for man.
fruit or seed of the cowpea plant
Keywords:  bean, beige, eyed, legume, peas
eaten fresh as shell beans or dried
A small beige bean of the legume family with a round black "eye" located at its inner curve. This bean is popular, particularly in the south. Also called the "black-eyed pea." Varieties with yellow "eyes" are called "yellow-eyed peas."