Definitions for "Monastery"
Keywords:  monk, vows, nuns, seclusion, religious
A house of religious retirement, or of secusion from ordinary temporal concerns, especially for monks; -- more rarely applied to such a house for females.
Certain cheeses are linked historically in that they were originally developed by monks. They are known as monastery cheeses although they range in flavour and aroma considerably.
A residence for religious. A monastery is usually a large house* where many religious live. It may be dedicated to some special purpose such as formation, retirement, or retreat work. The area where the religious live is often designed as a Cloister.
Petra’s most impressive Nabataean monument
the Monastery of Froas is a large collection of buildings devoted to the worship of the god Fertin, populated by a mixture of all races
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an outpost where you can produce runes
a sanctuary from the usual worldly concerns, for those who have dedicated themselves to spiritual practice
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a kind of half church half hospital
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an understandable analog for a city
a controlled environment where this sort of emotional noise is kept to a minimum