Definitions for "Aisle"
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A lateral division of a building, separated from the middle part, called the nave, by a row of columns or piers, which support the roof or an upper wall containing windows, called the clearstory wall.
Improperly used also for the have; -- as in the phrases, a church with three aisles, the middle aisle.
Also (perhaps from confusion with alley), a passage into which the pews of a church open.
A walkway intended for audience movement through an exposition or exhibit.
The walkway between exhibits.
Pathway through sections of a building or room, such as between sections of seats in a theater.
If your dream involved the aisle of a theater, it is a warning to be extremely cautious regarding an important decision you will soon have to make.
the portion of the parking lot devoted to providing immediate access to the parking stalls. The recommended aisle width is dependent on the parking angle. A parking angle of 45 o requires an aisle width of 12 feet for a 9.0-foot stall, and a 90o parking angle requires an aisle width of 26 feet for a 9.0-foot stall. These dimensions lead to wall to wall distances of 47 feet for 45o and 63 feet for 90o.
Space between arcade and outer wall.
Members refer to "my side of the aisle," as a way of stating their party affiliation. In both the House and Senate chamber, the majority and minority party members sit on opposite sides of the main aisle which divides the chamber in half.
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