Definitions for "Apse"
A projecting part of a building, esp. of a church, having in the plan a polygonal or semicircular termination, and, most often, projecting from the east end. In early churches the Eastern apse was occupied by seats for the bishop and clergy.
The bishop's seat or throne, in ancient churches.
At First Lutheran, the alcove at the front of the chancel. The Good Shepherd stained glass window is in the back wall of the apse, and the doors to the vestry and choir rooms are on the side walls of the apse.
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Apse is an American rock band signed to Spanish label Acuarela Discos. The band has has moved through many different musical styles since its inception, weaving together at various times shoegazer, heavy metal, gothic rock, post-punk, prog-rock, industrial, and post-rock influences; while at the same time dabbling in tribal, experimental, ambient and ethereal atmospheres. The most common lyrical themes have to do with spirituality, relationships with others (human as well as paranormal or divine), paranoia, power, and control.
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A reliquary, or case in which the relics of saints were kept.
APSE standing for Ada Programming Support Environment is a program or set of programs to support software development in the Ada programming language.
Association For Persons in Supported Employment