Definitions for "Luke"
Keywords:  gospel, testament, apostle, paul, jesus
(New Testament) the Apostle closely associated with St Paul and traditionally assumed to be the author of the third Gospel
one of the four Gospels in the New Testament; contains details of Jesus's birth and early life
Keywords:  luqa, loukas, saul, tarsus, lucas
Writer of the books of Luke and Acts (Aramaic Luqa; Greek Loukas; Latin Lucas). Accompanied Saul of Tarsus on several journeys.
Keywords:  electronica, tanja, bossa, lounge, mike
Luke is a Danish electronica band. Their personal style contains elements of many other genres such as bossa nova, rock, lounge, trip-hop. The three front figures of Henry, Tanja and Mike, have played together for more than 15 years.
Welcome to the Hellmouth - S1 - Minion of the Master. The Master uses him as the Vessel when he tries to escape his dimensional prison.
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Moderately warm; not hot; tepid; lukewarm.
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a family friend