Definitions for "Minion "
Minion is a fast constraint solver. It can solve any problem which can be expressed as a list of variables and a list of constraints, for example, Sudoku. It has been used to solve problems with thousands of variables and constraints.
Minion is a lean, efficient solver for constraint satisfaction problems.
Minion is a solver for constraint satisfaction problems. Unlike constraint programming toolkits, which expect users to write programs in a traditional programming language like C++, Java or Prolog, Minion takes a text file which specifies the problem, and solves using only this. This makes using Minion much simpler, at the cost of much less customisation.
A small kind of type, in size between brevier and nonpareil.
One of AT&T's corporate typefaces. This typeface family should only be used for readability when copy is extensive.
In typography, Minion is the name of a typeface designed by Robert Slimbach in 1990 for Adobe Systems which comes between nonpareil and brevier. It is inspired by late Renaissance-era type.
An obsequious or servile dependent or agent of another; a fawning favorite.
a servile or fawning dependant
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a servitor, like Dracula's Renfield
A more powerful version of a normal monster, found in the company of a hero. These creatures have more hitpoints than their non-special counterparts, but impart more experience when vanquished. Beware, however, as certain hero bonuses will extend to its partners in crime
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Fine; trim; dainty.
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Minion is a term used for favourites.
An ancient form of ordnance, the caliber of which was about three inches.
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A vampire or ally controlled by one of the players.
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A loved one; one highly esteemed and favored; -- in a good sense.
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3.25" bore, 4 lb. shot.
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the relationship of a lesser god to the lord(s) who created him
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