Definitions for "Class A"
Amp in which positive and negative half cycles are amplified together. Runs hot, as the transistors in the power amp are on all the time, but has high sound quality.
A type of amplifier design that generally produces less distortion than class AB, or B amplifiers, but with lower efficiency lower power output.
Amplifier in which positive and negative are amplified together, offering superior quality, but generates considerable heat.
The highest fire resistance rating for roofing as per ASTM E-108. Shingle with this rating should withstand severe exposure to fire from sources originating outside the building. Other classed are B and C.
The highest rating of ire resistance for roofing per the Underwriters Laboratory {UL}. Indicates roofing is able to withstand severe exposure to fire originating from sources outside the building. Class "B" and Class "C" have moderate and light resistance to fire, respectively.
A rating by the Underwriters Laboratories given to roofing material indicating its ability to withstand exposure to fire originating from outside the house or building.
Photo courtesy of Country Coach A motor home built on a stripped truck chassis where the driving compartment is an integral part of the RV interior. Class A motor homes look like busses. For additional details see Class A Motor Home - An Introduction.
Refers to a 625 nm minus-blue filter added to a Gen 3 NVIS to reduce its sensitivity to visible light below the red band. Class A NVIS photoresponse is one percent at 595 nm.
the most simple mathematical curve or surface that can describe a shape. Example: A customer requests a "Class A" IGES surface when he needs a super smooth surface typically used in aerospace or automotive applications.
the "regular", full uniform, as opposed to scouting t-shirts or casual attire.
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There were two grades of Frick Program Clocks - Grade 1 and Grade 2. Grade 1 had two types, a Class A and a Class B. Grade 2 clocks were the economy version. Find out more in the Classes and Clocks article.
A test given abroad indicating active findings consistent with specific disease
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a bus-type RV and the toad is the vehicle they are towing
a superclass of class B if A is on the same branch of the class hierarchy tree and A is higher on that branch
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Domestic use.
Shares of stock issued by the same company but having some difference, such as voting rights, or a dividend preference or participation.
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Class action Class of Options
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See: Classified stock
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Class B, Class C See Internet address class.
Class AB Class B