Definitions for "PACT "
Program of Assertive Community Treatment; see CTT
Program for Assertive Community Treatment; an outpatient program for adults operated by Mendota Mental Health Institute.
Powdered activated carbon treatment. Biomass suspended and fixed to carbon particles in completely mixed reactor. Carbon particles serve as both substratum for microbial attachment and to adsorb organic material.
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An agreement; a league; a compact; a covenant.
a broad term that refers to an international agreement, such as the Nazi-Soviet pact in 1939.
a written agreement between two states or sovereigns
Acronym for Paleoecological Analysis of Circumpolar Treelines.
Is a program of the Rockefeller Foundation's Creativity & Culture Division to support community cultural development projects? Participants in CCD projects are normally the community members. They can participate in the creation of artistic works as well as the management of them. Unlike the artworkers, participants are not paid for their contribution.
A set of principles endorsed by 21 of the largest US ad agencies aimed at improving the research used in preparing and testing ads, providing a better creative product for clients, and controlling the cost of TV commercials.
The belief, prevalent in the late middle ages through the Renaissance, that someone could trade his or her soul in return for wordly gain.
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PACT is a software package to do complete port accounting for SNMP-manageable devices like routers, hubs, and switches. Administration is done using an HTML interface with dynamic data fed through PHP and MySQL database backend.
a succinct review of one major topic emphasized during the instructional time that is to be further explored at home
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Stability and Growth Pact