Definitions for "Game of Thrones"
a collectible card game based on George Martin's well-known fantasy series A Song of Ice and Fire
a collectible card game produced by Fantasy Flight Games , the game is based on the A Song of Ice and Fire fantasy series by George R
a contemporary masterpiece of fantasy
Keywords:  ersatz, decent, version
a decent ersatz version of those games
Keywords:  wonderful
a wonderful game
a wargame of expansion, conquest, and consolidation
an expertly crafted novel about honor, politics, duty, and warfare
a distant child of Diplomacy (which I don't like) but the flourishes fill it out nicely
Keywords:  exsperiance, rewarding, rich
a rich and rewarding exsperiance
Keywords:  rpg, worthy, source, material
an RPG worthy of its source material
Keywords:  bug, ideas, lot, few, things
a good game with a lot of interesting ideas but there are a few things that really bug me
a role-playing game produced by Guardians of Order, the game
a collectible card game, which means that each player constructs their own deck from a large number of available cards