Definitions for "Russo-Swedish War"
The Russo-Swedish War of 1741–1743, known as the Hats' Russian War in Sweden and the Lesser Wrath in Finland, was instigated by the Hats, a Swedish political party which aspired to regain the territories lost to Russia during the Great Northern War, and by French diplomacy, which sought to divert Russia's attention from supporting its long-standing ally, Austria, in the War of the Austrian Succession.
The Russo-Swedish War of 1788–90, known as Gustav III's Russian War in Sweden and as Catherine II's Swedish War in Russia, was fought between Sweden and Russia from June 1788 to August 1790.
The Russo-Swedish War of 1495–1497 was a result of an alliance between Ivan III of Russia and Hans of Denmark, who was waging war against the Sture family of Sweden in the hope of regaining the Swedish throne. It is believed that Hans promised to concede some stretches of Finnish lands to the Russian monarch, although he did not bother to honour the agreement after he had been crowned King of Sweden at the close of the war.