Definitions for "circa"
Approximately; about; commonly abbreviated ca.; -- used especially before dates and numerical measures; as, he was born circa 1650; ca. 50 feet high.
Represents the approximate period of time in which an item was made.
About. For example, circa 1725 means approximately at that date.
The Center for Intructional and Research Computing Activities. CIRCA operates several large VAX computers for classroom use. CIRCA also operates the Faculty Support Center and negotiates site licenses with vendors for instructional and research software.
a network of researchers within the University of
a social and educational group that meets monthly to discuss preservation issues and sponsors special events to promote the Center
Collaborative software used by Eurostat and several DGs.
Same as "about" and "approx."; terms which when used in a letter of credit are construed to allow a difference not to exceed 10% more or 10% less than the monetary amount, or the quantity, or the unit price.
(early 1700s) overdress which hung from shoulders, resembling a long, loose coat.
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Communication and Information Resource Centre Administrator
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about (for example c. 1790)