Definitions for "Neo"
new (_Agave neo-mexicana_)
A person new to fandom. Also: neofan.
The messiah. This is Thomas Anderson's virtual name. Literally meaning "new," Neo is also referred to as the "One," which is an anagram for Neo.
Neo is an international auxiliary language created by Arturo Alfandari in 1961. It is notable for its terseness, which exceeds that of English or any IAL of the a priori type. Grammatically, it suggests the influence of Ido or Esperanto.
Neo, short for .NET Entity Objects, is a framework that provides an object facade for ADO.NET. It creates the DB schema from the object model and provides schema information at runtime allowing for generation of all SQL required for object persistence.
near-Earth object
nearth-Earth object
The Neo were a fictional offshoot of the mutant genome in the Marvel Universe, that lived in peaceful seclusion from the rest of the world. They were created as part of a storyline of the aftermath of the High Evolutionary's genetic tampering on the world's mutant population. They first appeared in the pages of X-Men and disappeared shortly after their initial appearance.
noncombatant evacuation operation
Non-Combatant Evacuation Operations. Operations conducted to relocate to a place of safety non-combatants threatened in a foreign country.
NEO is a 100-page monthly magazine that is published in the UK and Ireland that reviews and contains articles about different forms of asian entertainment, including anime and manga, live action films originating from Hong Kong, Korea, Japan and other asian countries; and J-pop/J-rock etc. Monthly Tutorials on the basics of creating manga-styled illustration by members of Sweatdrop Studios as well as a video game and book reviews section (it only reviews books that pertain to asian entertainment or similar topics, such as director biographies or Japanese cookbooks). Finally NEO also contains interviews with people involved with asian entertainment in some way, for example actors like Jackie Chan, or bands like the pillows and others.
Refusing to co-operate with the agents, he has an electronic bug implanted within his matrix-simulated body, so that his actions can be tracked and those seeking to make contact from the free world can be traced and destroyed. However they have underestimated his importance. He is re-contacted by Trinity, the bug removed, and taken to meet Morpheus.
neo-decadent, a European literary movement deploring society's lack of values, though not adopting any themselves.
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Nelson Email Organizer
Abbreviation for nonequity options, which are options contracts on foreign currencies, debt issues, commodities, and stock indexes.
Network extension option.
National Exchange Officer (IFMSA thing)
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The name of Texas A&M's IMAP e-mail server. See also What is Neo