Definitions for "O.s"
Our Shepherd, i.e. Mr. Frank W. Sandford. This was actually in the form of a code, that is, it had a double meaning. It is seen in many communiques in substitution for Mr. S's signature. Should someone not thoroughly familiar with the institution or Mr. S. ask, the acronymn was also said to mean "on still" that being an abbreviation for the expression "On, still on", an inspirational way of ending the document under consideration.
Old Style. Dating of a document between 1 January and 24 March by the civil year rather than the historical year. Old Style dating of documents occurred in Britain up to 1752
An abbreviation for Old Style, which refers to dates given in terms of the Julian Calendar. Top of This Page
Off Screen. Dialogue or sounds heard while the camera is on another subject.
(off screen) - sounds or dialogue that take place out of view. Most commonly used when a character in another room calls to a character in location the scene is currently unfolding in.
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Ordnance Survey
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OPERATING SYSTEM. The operating system is the lowest level software that enables you to interact with the computer and which controls the basic functioning of the machine as far as storage, communications and task management are concerned. The O.S. is the most important program running on a computer, as without one it would be impossible to use. Examples of well-known operating systems are Windows 95/98/2000/NT, Linux, MS/DOS, UNIX, OS/2, Mac OS, etc.
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Oral Surgery. Surgery of the mouth.
See Oral Surgery.
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to O2 Select a section of : p, P to pay toilets