Definitions for "Thermidor"
The eleventh month of the French republican calendar, -- commencing July 19, and ending August 17. See the Note under Vendémiaire.
July 27, 1794, decisive conservative turning point of the French revolution (see Jacobins and Consulate).
The confused events resulting in the overthrow of Robespierre and his Jacobin supporters, usually regarded as ending the most radical phase of the Revolution. The Convention was henceforth dominated by elements representing the propertied classes, and opposed to both royalists and extreme radicals. The coup was carried out during 16th-17th July 1794, that is 8th-9th Thermidor in the Republican Calendar, hence its name, and the use of the term Thermidorian to describe the Convention after the removal of the extreme Jacobins.
classic lobster dish; lobster split lengthwise, grilled, and served in the shell with a cream sauce.
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Other uses of Thermidor: "Thermidor" and "Thermidor 2" were robots on Robot Wars.