Definitions for "Fumigation"
The act of fumigating, or applying smoke or vapor, as for disinfection.
Vapor raised in the process of fumigating.
The process of exposing objects, often in a vacuum or air-tight chamber, to poisonous gases or vapour: to destroy insects, mildew or other life forms that may endanger them. The chemicals used in fumigation are often highly dangerous to humans.
Mixing downward of an elevated plume of air pollution (often embedded in a layer of statically stable air such as a temperature inversion) into a turbulent mixed layer that has grown into and entrained the plume. Compare looping, coning, fanning, entrainment zone.
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an assault in which no survivors are left
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fungus gel gene gene expression
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Using penetrating gases to kill.
Required in some countries for live plants and wooden packing.