Definitions for "Tipping"
A distinct articulation given in playing quick notes on the flute, by striking the tongue against the roof of the mouth; double-tonguing.
a poor maintenance practice used to control the size of tree crowns; involves the cutting of branches at right angles leaving long stubs.
the tendency of a tooth to turn or rotate in either the mesio-distal or bucco-lingual direction when a force is applied to the crown; thus, tipping can change either the inclination or angulation of a tooth
This refers to the phenonmenon when a public charity fails its 33% public support test because a large grant overwhelms the diversity of support the nonprofit receives. Consider a nonprofit that has existed for five years using all volunteer labor to shuttle senior citizens to medical appointments. Then a foundation decides to make a multi-year grant to hire several staff and buses. Suddenly, to the IRS, the nonprofit looks like an arm of the foundation, and thus the nonprofit has been "tipped." This is more problematic to the nonprofit since it can interfere with securing additional donations, but there are a number of avenues that the nonprofit can take to keep its public charity status; consult a good nonprofit CPA or attorney.
Occurs when a private foundation's support "tips" a public charity out of compliance with the public support test, converting it into a private foundation.
When a grant is made that is large enough to significantly alter the grantee's funding base and cause it to fail the public support test. This would result in the grantee's conversion to a private foundation and would be detrimental to both grantor and grantee. It would also require expenditure responsibility on the part of the grantor.
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Charring the end of the coffee bean during the roasting process, by applying an intense heat too quickly.
Roasting too quickly, which chars the end of the bean; the resulting brew is characterized by the taste of cereal
The decorative trim found on the edges of a garment.
Embellishment of a garment by adding some type of trim to the edges (cuffs/pockets/plackets/hems) of a garment for decoration.
The process of trimming a shaft from the tip to increase its stiffness.
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Fully loading a brush with one color and then just touching the tip of the bristles in another color. Creates color variation in a single brush stroke.
Touching just the tip of a fully loaded brush into another color.
involves touching tip of loaded brush with other colors for muted shading or accenting.
Tipping happens when an insider, intending to give a tippee an advantage in the market, violates his fiduciary duty to the issuing company by deliberately giving inside information to an outsider.
Information passed by one person to another as a basis for buy or sell action in a security. Such information is presumed to be of material value and not available to the general public. The act of tipping can constitute a Rule 10b-5 insider trading violation on the part of both the tippor and the person receiving the tip who trades on the material non-public information.
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See Bullet Tipping.
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Contrasting colour on tip of each hair.
attaching one piece of material to another with an adhesive. Tipping can be performed by hand or by machine.
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A market is said to "tip" when it quickly moves from a competitive state to a state where a single firm gains almost total market share.