Definitions for "Roasting"
Keywords:  sulfide, oven, bean, pyrolysis, brewed
(das) Rösten, (der) Röstvorgang Roasting is a step in the primary production of metals from →ores. It is a step preceding the →smelting of the ore. It →oxidises compounds that could otherwise not be smelted in reducing conditions. This step is necessary for almost all sulfidic ores.
A process in which a metal ore (such as PbS or ZnS) is transformed into the corresponding oxide (PbO or ZnO) and SO2.
To cook with dry heat
A process generally reserved for dark tobaccos that will be used in pipe mixtures or dark cigarettes. Roasting controls the moisture content of the tobacco and enhances the aroma.
Not a technique used in a domestic situation in Asia,...
a. & n., from Roast, v.